Music, wrestling and true crime – these are my three podcast go-tos. I am very particular though, even when I see pods covering records that I absolutely adore, the presentation and presenters have to be completely to my liking or I just cannot listen. Note : don’t do your podcast via telephone, that empty sound and the buzz through my headphones drives me crazy. Thanks.

One of my recent music finds and now loves is Nothing Is Real, a podcast about (they call them ‘the best band ever’ but I put The Beach Boys above them and even say this every single episode intro! But yes, best English band ever) The Beatles.

Of course, with something as well trodden as The Beatles, it is tough to give new and interesting information or ways of looking at things, but Nothing Is Real does it brilliantly, as well as having episodes on, you know, A Hard Day’s Night and Help!, they also have excellent shows about the connection between the fabs and Harry Nilsson and and a brilliant look at Beatles compilations down the years. These subjects are made better by the brilliant presenters, whose love for the band flows through every second, but they don’t give them a free pass and will often question some decisions, whether it be the USA versions of the records, the choices of material on the Super Deluxe boxsets or allowing Ringo to sing some quite frankly unnecessary ‘tunes’.

A shout out to the latest tip top episode on my favourite Beatles album The Beatles AKA The White Album, except instead of just covering the whole record, they ‘only’ cover the second side, meaning you get a deep dive into each track and an interesting look at a little section of the magic, which automatically, as do all the best episodes here, send you back to listen to the record you have played a million times.

Go give Nothing Is Real a listen on your favourite pod format, it is an excellent look at the excellent band.