One of the strange things about me (well, THAT’S a list!) is how selective I am when it comes to which podcasts I can listen to. I often get recommendations and then found that I can’t gel with the show, whether it be the format, or the presenters or a little of both. Mostly I think it is the style in which they are presented, it often feels, to me, like it is trying too hard to be funny or quirky and forgetting to just tell the goddamn facts. Sorry, Last Pod On The Left, you’re named after one of my favourite movies ever and cover plenty of things that I am very interested in but the constant “LOOK HOW WACKY WE ARE” did me in. I tried. And so I began to look for another crime pod and stumbled upon this little beauty, which in a Goldilocks And The Three Bears way was juuuuust right…I Could Murder A Podcast.

Perhaps the reason why this one works is that Tom and Ben are so obviously completely comfortable with each other and their friendship shines throughout, but they don’t fill the show with in-jokes that leave the audience out, instead they will usually use humour to deflect from the sheer horror of the subject and always point it at each other, again in the wrong hands this could be tedious, but I find myself regularly laughing out loud (LOL) in between moments of pure darkness. They are excellent hosts, but this would be nothing without the accompanying excellently researched facts and figures. ICMAP manages to take some cases that you might think you know everything about and add new perspectives as well as deep dive facts that more tabloid newsboys may have ignored.

There is a great variety in the cases covered here too. Big cases such as Brady/Hindley and Fred West are nestled alongside Ariel Castro and Nannie Doss. Favourite episodes have covered the Chris Benoit case, James Holmes, the cinema shooter and From The Stage To The Cage that covers Ian Watkins going from the charts to prison – yep, despite the title there are interesting episodes here without any murder, although ironically these may be the most disturbing of them all. (hello, Jimmy Savile episode)

I Could Murder A Podcast is available in a video version on Youtube as well as an audio version on all your favourite podcast networks and I recommend you go give it a try…Just keep the lights on.