Firstly thank you to everyone who has supported my first poetry collection My Heart, The Rocket, it is amazing to think of people reading and connecting to my work in a physical form as well as here on the website. If you have not checked it out, you can get it right now on Amazon and you can read the first ten pages free over there too.

I always used to laugh when my favourite bands would be ready to release their sophomore album and they would always comment about how strange it is that you have your entire life to write your debut and then the next one has to follow it in no time at all. Now I’m there I understand it, I would not follow up my first collection if I did not believe in these newer works, I think there is perhaps more warmth and understanding in these 102 works, slightly less mazes, then again that is because I know what everything is about, I can’t speak for how readers will react, but I hope you come and join the ride – Hauntology by Kendall Lacey, available via Amazon 02.12.21. – releasing on what would have been my dad’s birthday, my first supporter who bought me a word processor which started this whole journey, I hope he is proud of my creations. <3

“Hauntology is part of an endeavour to keep raising the stakes of literary study, to make it a place where we can interrogate our relation to the dead, examine the elusive identities of the living, and explore the boundaries between the thought and the unthought.” – Colin Davis.

“It is important to speak to ghosts, even if they are no longer, even if they are not yet.” – Derrida, Spectres Of Marx