Sometimes you do not appreciate the best in their craft until they are no longer there. Charlie Watts definitely falls into that category. It was Keith that you saw drunk and drugged in grainy video footage and Mick that you saw with his arm around the prettiest young girls. Watts? Just a killer drummer. One who we will only appreciate now he is not there. Remember that it is only he, Keith and Mick that are on all of the Rolling Stones albums, so anything going forward will be different even if they bring someone in who can play exactly the same. Which is no one. This brilliance is shown by the huge variety of talent that has been paying tribute, whether you are in the biggest metal band in the world or a pure popster, Watts is your man. The oil that kept the steel wheels turning, just as happy in a tiny smoky jazz club as on stage in the biggest stadiums in the world.

Godspeed, sir, thanks for keeping those Stones rolling. <3