I only go where the machines tell me.
My alarm wakes me up
And the coffee machine brews my extra strong espresso.
I beep the car doors open
And the GPS glides me down the road
While I get my rock soundtrack going
Chosen, of course, by my online provider.
Once at work,
I type my numbers into the machine
So the humans know that I am there.
Then the headset tells me where to go,
Sorry if I don’t see you
But I’m on a timer
And a route
And I’m sure the handset has a longer battery than I do.
The handset beeps
And thank god I am free of the computerised shackles.
Straight onto my socials
Seeing where I should be
What I should be doing
What I should think.
I look through your photos
Like, like, love.
Go out for a little human interaction
But every pub is just people staring at their screens.
I’m furious enough to write a status about it
And I nod in appreciation as the likes roll in.
That’s how we receive love now.
I just want to turn off all the screens,
Tell you to your face how I feel
And hug your body closer to mine,
The memories all being real and not part of the online tapestry.
I resist writing a status about this.
For about three minutes.
You like it and my day is complete.
I’d set my alarm but the computer has already done it.
The coffee pod is already ready to go.
Each day blurs silently into the next.
Don’t GoPro it.