I love AEW Dynamite. It has a perfect format, that focusses on the stories by showing them off through the matches. This might sound obvious, but when was the last time you saw Raw or Smackdown start with a match? It is always Lashley/Reigns yakking for a good 20 minutes. I still watch all the WWE shows, so perhaps I am part of the problem, if we just watched the competition then maybe Vince would have to take action. Maybe.

Now AEW has a second show. I was not sure how I felt about this, I imagined a Smackdown to Dynamite’s RAW, and the last thing I want is a roster split, damn I fucking hate the roster split. But now it seems Rampage is only a one hour show, so that is cool, nothing is getting extended too much. It’s wall to wall action, just like its Wednesday twin.

This first show gave us Omega vs Christian, for the Impact title, so hopefully we can stop sharing Omega and Callis can fuck off back to the ‘competition’, Miro being savage and Britt Baker being the crowd favourite, female or male. A great treble, but you cannot keep up this speed, if you put all the titles on the line on Rampage, then Dynamite is going to suffer. If this is where it all happens, then you need Jim Ross and Tony here too rather than the unnecessary Mark Henry behind the mic.

The elephant in the room…next Friday my tune will change and when the lights go out and Cult Of Personality plays and I pop like a giant balloon, Rampage will be the greatest idea ever, but without Punk, it is a decent extra, but one that needs to know whether it is a bonus or the essential show.