So many heritage artists seem to be selling the rights to their greatest works lately and it is an odd thing. The artist side of me wonders why some of the best to ever play the game such as Neil Young would ‘give away’ their ‘babies’ to companies that have been created solely to make money. The other side realises that some of these artists are, gulp, in their golden years and so this gives them the chance to go ride all the rollercoasters or buy the gold cars that they have always wanted.

Christine McVie is the latest, selling 115 songs to Hipgnosis, a list that includes such stone cold classics as Little Lies and Don’t Stop. The owner of Hipgnosis (man, my spell checker is not happy with that!) is Merck Mercurindis who has previously managed Beyonce and Elton John, so he is not some outsider figure looking for a quick buck and let’s hope that some of the best songs ever written (the company already owns Lindsey Buckingham’s 161 tracks) get used in a way that introduces the next generation to some of the greats. Just don’t misuse them (RANT COMING) like Sky Mobile, who used Wouldn’t It Be Nice, the greatest song ever written about romantic yearning, to try and sell me a phone. Fvck off. And Lloyds Bank using Paul Williams/Carpenters classic We’ve Only Just Begun, just before they refuse to give me ten pounds over my credit. Jeez. I’m watching you, Hipgnosis!