The Purge is one of my favourite horror franchises of recent years. Going to see The Forever Purge, I promised my horror loving friend Sue that this was definitely the last one. The whole country is in flames, what could they possibly do now?

Now, James Demarco, the man behind the series has revealed that perhaps we have not seen the end…

“I had this idea… I can flip this thing upside down and we can continue this, maybe, in a way that people can enjoy… I’m actually outlining it right now in between these interviews! If the Movie Gods say, ‘People want to see it’ then we’ll do it. But I always leave it to the audience to tell us if they want more of it. But we’re ready! I have another one if they want it.”

YES. I’m excited by this, I think there are ways you can still take the series. What do you think?