One of the strangest things in recent rock news is Dave Mustaine, someone who seems to have nothing but disdain for the media of the world, joining up to Cameo, a site that allows you to get him to basically say whatever you want in a video…for a price. Oh wait, there’s Mustaine’s reasoning!

Now a recent Cameo video featured Mustaine offering a tease of a new song that is the title track for the band’s 16th album, ‘The Sick, The Dying And The Dead’. Sure, few would deny that there was a definite dip in their mid career, Megadeth in recent years have sounded back at full strength, far above the kings Metallica, and I look forward to this record. Shame that Dave Ellefson has essentially been erased from history (and quite literally erased from this record), for some dumb, but consensual, video ‘antics’ online.