Well this is going to be one of those strange 51-49 posts, like Two Face in Batman, having no real answer to anything. GCW just did something that makes me so angry but at the same time has me writing on the Internet at the end of my working week and about a wrestler I have no interest in. BUT he beat one I do have interest in, see?

So, as a WWE fan for a good thirty-plus years, I never liked Zack Ryder. I just never saw the point of him. I’m not really a super babyface kind of a guy, which might sound odd for someone whose fave wrestler ever is the prayers-vitamins selling Hulk Hogan. Sure I CAN like the faces, but they need to have some sort of THING that makes them worth following. Watch The Bushwhackers today and they probably look comedic/creepy but at the time, they were super entertaining for a young Kendall, believe it or not.

Ryder was the classic WWE midcard guy, I cannot name a bad match he had, or indeed a good match, he came in “woo woo woo!”d and then left, probably while I was getting another beer. Yep, he was the classic ‘Popcorn Match’ performer. Soooo, bringing him into indie promotion GCW to fight against the king of the deathmatch Nick Gage seemed idiotic…Until I imagined Gage beating him to a bloody pulp. Buuuuuut, instead Matt Cardona became GCW champion. What? In the week when Nick Gage joined AEW to a massive pop from everyone in the world aside from Jim Cornette, new people will be discovering him, so to kill him this week seems dumb. If Moxley finished him, fair enough, but Cardona? Gimme a fcuking break.

Watch the footage below and you can see the crowd’s reaction to Gage losing to THIS GUY. It is not happy. So is this the worse thing to happen to wrestling OR is it a smaller promotion getting its name in the news and making us comment on it? As Nigel Tufnel once told us, there’s a fine line between clever and stupid. And now everyone is going to watch GCW to see Cardona get the shit kicked out of him and lose the title. RATINGS! (thanks to JDfromNY for the YT clip)