Holy shit! What a week to be a wrasslin’ obsessive! First WWE gave us a RAW worthy of the classic ‘after Wrestlemania’ shows of yesteryear with surprise after surprise. “AEW won’t have anything to equal the return of Goldberg and the premier of Karrion Kross”, I muttered to myself. Then…

MJF is setting up the 2nd Labour Of Jericho and describing someone super powerful, I’m sure it is gonna be Wardlow, which would be cool but, you know, expected. Then he says this person almost killed someone in the ring (Waaaait he can’t mean…) followed by ‘And this person robbed a bank without a mask on’ and suddenly I’m popping like some overheated popcorn treats – YES, IT IS…KING OF THE MUTHAFVCKING DEATH MATCH, NICK FVCKING GAGE. I actually applauded my TV at this point.

Nick fvcking Gage, for those who don’t follow other feds, is, as I stated, the king of the deathmatch, go look on Youtube and you will find some of the most insane stunts ever. He also, as MJF was referencing, almost killed David Arquette when a light tube stunt went wrong. And, yes, he did rob a bank and was caught because wrestling fans recognised him when the news showed CCTV footage. He is mostly known for my favourite hardcore federation, CZW, which also gave us Jon Moxley/Dean Ambrose and holds the yearly Tournament Of Death, an event so insane that Gage almost died after insisting on going back out to the ring even though he was bleeding out profusely.

This is another example of Tony Khan being aware of things going on in the wrasslin’ bubble, as Gage was recently the focus of an excellent Dark Side Of The Ring episode, a series that normally focusses on names we all know and so this is the best time for people to get to see the king on the shows they already watch. And I am totally expecting Jon Moxley to show up after the match and just stare down Gage and…I’ll pop again.