Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite was an absolute classic, all the big players in big matches and then the lights went out…Aleister Black comedy in and clocks Cody to a hella buzz from the first real crowd we have seen, absolutely brilliant.

It was oddly done on commentary though, they came up with “It’s Tommy End…No, he’s different, this is Malakai Black!” Now I, as a big wrasslin’ fan, only knew A.B. when he came to the WWE, of course I know the Tommy End name now from going back and watching his indie stuff but it was strange coming from Jim Ross’ mouth. Still, this is a great get for AEW, the only strange thing is that his wife Zelina Vega only rejoined WWE this week, you would have thought they would go together, but hey, I’m into what both are doing, so we all win.