I really enjoyed Sing, I felt it had a lot of heart and used pop music to great effect to tell its story. But I was not expecting a sequel, guess it was more popular than I thought. Okay, I checked and the film made over 630 million dollars on a budget of 75, so HEY, MAKE US A SEQUEL ALREADY!

Sing 2 (why did they not call it Sing Harder?) arrives in time for the Christmas market, by which time hopefully we can go back to a full cinema without masks, fingers crossed. The first trailer shows some new set pieces, as well as Bono as a megastar being persuaded to come back to the spotlight. (Gimme a follow-up to Zooropa, yes thank you, please) There are many little gags in the trailer but the best has to be the use of Chop Suey, a great great song that nobody knows the words to, even after a million listens. Hearing a character sing along in exactly the same way us fans do is priceless and hilarious and worth the price of admission alone. Ticket, please.