Firstly, yes I also hated The Hurricane. And The New Day. And all the other dumb comedy characters that came along during my time watching WWE. Yeah, I sound like a grumpy old man, but even as a kid, I had little time for this sort of thing, aside from The Bushwhackers, the exception that proves the rule.

Nikki Cross becoming a superhero on RAW last night was a terrible moment for me. I have always loved Nikki, Sanity should have been the biggest thing on RAW and she should have been the Women’s Champion years ago. Her psycho character was great and whilst her recent ‘being excited by everything’ persona soon became tiring, at least it looked to be going somewhere but now…She’s a superhero. The darkest, most interesting women’s wrestler is now a cartoon. A cliche. A joke.

And yet, wait…According to her husband Killian Dain today on Twitter, this transformation was completely Cross’ own idea. She came up with the concept, the design, everything. It felt to me watching it live that this was Vince not understanding a character but it appears that in fact it is Cross taking control of her career and having some fun with it. So now I’m conflicted. I WANT Cross to succeed as she is great, but I’m already tired of Bliss’ killer doll bullshit and Miz’ Dripstick, so I really want more comedy like I want a hole in my head. If this leads to her winning the MITB then I guess I can stomach it. But really, bring back psycho Nikki. Please.