‘Spiral’ Director Darren Lynn Bousman To Take Us To ‘The LaLaurie Mansion’ :

The creators of the Conjuring franchise Chad and Carey Hayes now have their eyes on another spooky case and they have already brought a super heavyweight horror director on board, or perhaps we should say, in house…

Darren Lynn Bousman, the director of four smash hit Saw films, including the Chris Rock starring Spiral, which debuted at number one in the major markets, is taking charge of The LaLaurie Mansion, based upon a famous New Orleans property, where Madame LaLaurie (who you may have seen played by Kathy Bates in American Horror Story : Coven) lived, a famous socialite and killer, who following a house fire in 1834, managed to flee and was never caught.

The script was written on site, if that makes you more chilled, I was certainly chilled by Bousman’s recent adventure to the house, where he heard many noises over night and also discovered A TINY DOOR, hidden and sealed. Yep, I was scared by his tweets so the movie is gonna be a ‘watch with the lights on’ deal for me.

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