Sixteen years on from the release of debut album It’s About Time, comes the long awaited autobiography from The Jonas Brothers, with Joe, Nick and Kevin telling their own story with the help of Neil Strauss, who was also behind the Motley Crue masterpiece The Dirt.

With the three strong and very different perspectives (as well as Bonus Jonas, Frankie, popping in to add his view of certain situations) giving their own views of the highs and lows, (in Nick’s case, literally, as he found out he had Type One diabetes whilst at the height of the fame maelstrom), the movies, the music, the TV show, hell, they have been busy enough to put out FIVE Jonas Brothers albums, one shelved band project, a 3D live big screen smash, the Camp Rock smash hit films on the small screen, their own TV show, Nick’s growing big screen presence and Joe heading that way too, video games, concerts and collaborations with Miley Cyrus,Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Tinashe, Lil Wayne and Joe’s success with DNCE, you know Cake By The Ocean, right? Yep, Jonas. There’s a lot to be broken down and the three way perspective is mouthwateringly exciting.

Blood arrives on November 9th in hardback and audiobook and can be pre-ordered now via: