I am REALLY ‘selective’ when it comes to podcasts, my friend Imogen and her boyf constantly give me recommendations and are then astounded when I cannot abide them. Stuff like Old School Wrestling and Last Podcast On The Left, things that look like total Kendallrock joy, I cannot abide. My biggest problem, OLD MAN SHOUTING AT CLOUDS, is that if I do not gel with the personalities, they could be talking for four hours solely about how great I am and I still would turn it off and go back to Sam Roberts, No Dogs In Space and The Album Club.

Now I have found a new love, from the creators of my favourite magazine, Classic Rock. Like the excellent print version, this sonic epic takes a deep dive into some of the biggest albums ever, hence its title The 20 Million Club. Now, this is a strange club which is certainly not all ‘classic rock’ so as well as episodes on Led Zeppelin IV and Queen’s Greatest Hits, there are also looks at Purple Rain and Jagged Little Pill. The magic, as well as the subjects, is the presentation from radio icon Nicky Horne, the editor of Classic Rock Sian Llewellyn, who is super knowledgeable and has a voice I could listen to all day and Scott Rowley, who is in charge of the music magazines at future, so yes, they all know their onions. And interesting facts about said onions.

You might think that you know everything about all these records, but it is the little facts that make the show such a joy, such as Horne revealing that commercial radio stations have a rule that they never play two female artists back to back, his story of going to interview Syd Barrett and being turned away by what he thought was his bouncer with the story “Syd cannot speak”, only learning when he went downstairs to call Dave Gilmour, that this hulking figure with no hair or eyebrows was the sonic master himself. Fascinating.

You can grab it on Apple, Spotify and here’s a link to the Podtail version, there are episodes here on Back In Black, Bat Out Of Hell, Dark Side Of The Moon, it is an absolute joy. It’s strange hearing how Jagged Little Pill has sold more copies than Nevermind…*mind blown*