If you ever hang out on Beach Boys websites (especially the super excellent beachboyslegacy.com which is all you need for all the info on every album), you’ll know that we have been holding our breath waiting for this collection…aaaand here is Feel Flows. The boxset covers the period of the classic albums Sunflower and Surf’s Up and includes both original albums and a whole host of extras, from the 2cd edition to an exhaustive 5 disc collection, which this Wilson fanatic is likely to opt for.

There are plenty of unheard SONGS here, not just fragments and alternate takes of things we know. My mouth is watering at the thought of Dennis Wilson’s Behold The Night and Hawaiian Dream and there is even a version of Terry Jacks Seasons In The Sun with Jacks producing this version years before taking it to the top of the chart himself.

135 tracks, 108 of them unreleased, that is a spicy meatball! As a first glimpse, here is Big Sur, an epic widescreen tale by Mike Love later brought back to life on Holland as part of the California Saga, but here is the whole song in all its glory. ENJOY and we’ll pick up Feel Flows at the end of July. Summer is here! Warning, for those expecting the sun sun sun and fun fun fun Beach Boys – this is possibly Brian’s darkest songwriting period, but oh so beautiful and with every member of the band coming up with songs outta nowhere, perhaps go give Sunflower and Surf’s Up a listen now so you’ll know why I am breathless about this collection. <3