If you are looking for a Turtles fan, then hello, it is me. I had a life size stand up of the characters from the comic book days and bought all of the original Eastman/Laird classics. I had an early version of the original big screen adventure from a friend whose father worked on the oil rigs and got us a copy before the UK cinema release. This probably sounds like nothing to today’s youth but, gulp ‘in our day’ this was fantastic and the film was uncut so we got to see Michelangelo swivel his sausages like nunchucks which made James Ferman weep like a bitch.

Now we are set to get a new CGI cinema adventure produced by Seth Rogen and fellow Superbad alumni Evan Goldberg, which will release on August 11th 2023. No news on stars yet, but Turtle Power is always a great thing.