I thought that we had reached the end of the WWE releases for 2021, all of us moaned when the last batch went but surely that was it? It seems not and today’s releases just make me want to throw up my hands and wonder what Vince is doing, tbh.

Firstly Aleister Black. A brilliant talent in NXT, not used perfectly on the main roster but recently being brought back via a number of interesting promos which seemed to be setting him up to reenter the main event scene. I can only presume that his marriage to Zelina Vega signed his death warrant, but then why were they not both released at the same time? The same deal seems true with Lana. Her husband Miro (Rusev) has been burning up AEW, but Lana has also been doing great on WWE, one of the few REAL women’s tag teams were her and Naomi, who will probably be watching her back now after this surprise release.

Speaking of real tag teams, The Riott Squad were right there at the top ready to take the titles but nope, Ruby Riott is gone which is a real surprise as she is an excellent talent, whether in the winning spot or, perhaps more importantly, putting over talent, without seeming weak. Now without Lana and Riott, we will have Bayzler/Jax vs Brooke/Rose every single week until the end of time, thanks Vince no thanks.

Aaaand…Braun Strowman. Wait, what? A character that has been in the main event picture in the last month, hardly lolling about on the midcard. Never a favourite, but he seems loved by the younger members of the audience and he always felt like a big time player. The last thing we need is to reduce the number of main event players, what we have is Lashley, McIntyre, Strowman…oh nope, Black…oh nope, Reigns, aaaand….that is the problem, you get the same midcard tedium every week – hell, have we not seen Alexander/Benjamin enough, lord? – and then you get Kofi in the main event scene, over and over, fuck that.