Aaand swiftly I would like to say that I am in no way against Oxfam, I’m not a jerk or a monster, this is a very specific problem with one slice of their pie. Their record stores. One of my favourite things is drifting around charity shops, finding bargains, then telling my friends, who then go check them out. Every one is a winner. Just last week, I found a copy of the CD of The Beatles Help! in the PDSA store and have been bleating about it ever since, everyone is a winner. So what is my problem with Oxfam?

Last week, I was walking by the store and I saw a copy of Gene’s Revelations on vinyl and Babyshambles classic Shotter’s Nation, also on wax. Awesome! I thought, I will go in tomorrow and get them both. Classic charity shop bargains…exxxxxxcept, Oxfam don’t play the same way as others. The Babyshambles vinyl was SIXTY POUNDS. Fuck that, but after that shocker, the Gene album was NINETY GODDAMN POUNDS. I do not understand how a charity shop can justify such prices, you have been given these things to sell and any profit is 100% profit. Charging ninety pounds for a britpop record that is not even rare? Nope. Obviously, I came straight home to check the Ebay prices and both records are right there for 20 pounds or less, hell, the Gene record was available for thirteen pounds and I would not even have to leave the house!

So yeah, that was my last visit to that particular store and I am their key audience, someone obsessed with music and on socials enough to tell people to go visit after I get a bargain. Yet, here I am, telling you to go to the PDSA, they have classic records for cheap prices. Fuvk Oxfam stores, whatever good they may do.