“I talked to The Miz yesterday. He was actually hanging out with me and Ric Flair at the bar along with Peter Rosenberg. We all got out of the building a little early, and I just wanted to compliment The Miz on the Bad Bunny match. Being able to go out there and be a general and work that thing and work it to the utmost and make that kid look better than he ever could himself. Those guys, as far as a tag team goes, go out there and do their job on a weekly, monthly, yearly basis. People wonder why The Miz has stuck around for so long. This guy is all about going out there and getting the job done no matter what. Miz was talking about the night they had to do a pay-per-view, they had to come out and do a rap song. He said they got to the building that day and were told, ‘Y’all are going to be rapping tonight.’ This is somebody that’s never done a rap before. You’ve got to go out on television, him and Morrison, and do it live. Do you know how nerve-racking that is? Can you imagine? The guy is good. I give The Miz props, not only for WrestleMania Backlash, but what he’s been doing for the last 10 years.”