What a time to be alive! One of my fave alternative bands (If you’ve been listening to my Best 90’s Alternative compilation, thank you, but please add Tired Of Sex from Pinkerton which I somehow forgot!) of all time, the Beach Boys loving Cuomo crew, Weezer, release their 14th album. Now this was supposed to be their 13th release, but lockdown changed that and we got the quiet OK Human instead, but tbh, what I wanted was their homage to 80’s metal (If you have followed the band for years, you know they love this stuff, there are acoustic versions of all types of 80s RAWK out there, Talk Dirty To Me is particularly excellent), an album that owes so much to 1984 that it named itself VAN WEEZER. Incredible. It is 31 minutes of total bubblegum rock brilliance, girls and superheroes and mega solos. Go get it.

On the Kendallpop side of things, Al and AJ release their 4th album today, their first in 14 yeeeeears. It has the very The 1975 title – a touch of the beat gets you up off your feet gets you out and then into the sun – that is not me badly subbing, it is all lower case. The singles have been great so I have hiiiiiigh hopes. Love these grrls!