Firstly, that poster is great. New faces, old faces, perfect. Aaaand that is where the compliments end. The whole point of Wrestlemania is that it takes all the rivalries, all the fights, all the small things, all the big things and lets them explode. When Wrestlemania ends, that is the end of the year. The end of the season if you want to talk TV language. Then, on RAW the next night and Smackdown that Friday, we get all new characters and all new fights. It is the best time of the year.

Exxxxxxcept 2021. For some reason, the Raw/Smackdown after Mania gave us very little new blood and instead we saw rematches and old feuds, Jesus if I see Nia/Shayna vs Lana/Naomi again, I will puke. Naomi is a glorious babyface and Shayna is a fantastic heel, stop putting them in this same match over and over.

Then…Wrestlemania Backlash. Fuck right off. What Vinnie Mac is essentially saying at this point is that we will just show you the same things over and over again and you will like it, you will pay for it, you will not question it. I’M QUESTIONING IT. One and a half weeks from the event, we have only three matches. Lashley/Strowman/McIntyre is a RAW match at this point, you know that Bobby is going to win as he has only just started his run. Dumb. Ripley/Asuka/Flair? Same deal, rematch with an extra person, Rhea is not ready to give up her title, it is a popcorn match. The only new thing we get is Belair vs Bailey, which at least is new, even though we know Belair is not dropping the belt, thus we know the result of ALL THREE MATCHES ANNOUNCED.

The Wrestlemania name is too important to be tacked on to a b-show. Or any show. Stop this. NOW.