I have been a big fan of the SAW series since I saw that classic ‘Dare You See Saw?’ poster and thought ‘Yes, yes I dare!’. Day one, performance one and a love was born. The brilliance is in the interplay between the deep character driven story elements and of course the terrifying and increasingly gruesome killer traps. There is so much going on in these films that perhaps you need a little refresher before Spiral arrives in a couple of weeks (OMG!) and Seeing Saw might be the podcast you are looking for.

A pod like this needs people who know their stuff rather than just trying to be funny constantly whilst being sparing with the facts and figures, this is why 90% of podcasts that my friends try to sell me on get turned off after one episode. No problem here with film expert Catherine Bray (In case this is a breach of interest, I have known Catherine since she worked on Hotdog whilst I was working on PlayStation magazines for the same company – I don’t think this is a breach, but just making sure, I didn’t know CB was involved when I downloaded the first quartet of episodes!) being the perfect host, a silky smooth voice, a brain full of SAW facts and you know, just super likeable.

Because Seeing Saw is the official podcast of Spiral (Saw 9 – I was talking to my excellent friend about this today, “There’s a pod on Saw 9! Spiral!” “Wait, there are 9 Saws?” *one second delay* “Yes, that’s why I referred to it as Saw 9!” Love you Emma! 🙂 ) and that means that it also has access to the heavyweight names in the franchise, with episodes already available featuring co-creator Leigh Wannell and iconic director Darren Lynn Bousman.

The traps, the characters, love for Billy, what is stopping you, hit that Spotify and download now. See you in the front row for Spiral on May 17th. Cinemas are back, baby! As are nightmares!

Seeing Saw is available now on Spotify