My dad used to joke that every time I went to London, I would come back with a story of meeting famous people. It just happened. Supergrass, Steve Lamacq, Jonny Lee Miller, Suggs, Noel Gallagher, I just used to bump into them. A day in Camden was always a day of adventure.

“You met Amy Winehouse, didn’t you?” is a question my sister always throws out knowing I will go straight into my story…and here it is, with video evidence. What? Yes, I was missing Camden today as it is my favourite place in the country and I started looking for The Good Mixer, which is my pub of choice in Inverness Street.

When I lived in Bournemouth, Babyshambles came to play and came to our local club drinking and I got chatting to Mik Whitnall, the guitarist and we shared some drinks and some laughs. The next week, I travelled up to London and headed for The Mixer, surprised to see a huge swell of press outside. Turns out Amy Winehouse, who in the old days I used to see in there just playing pool not getting bothered, had now attracted the paps galore.

She was in there that night with Mik, so obvs, I went and said hello, as we had just been out a few days before. Amy was playing pool and he introduced me to her and she was lovely. So that’s my story. EXCEPT today, I found a video of Amy in The Good Mixer ON THAT NIGHT, and there I am, chatting to Mik (he’s in the pink shirt) as Amy plays. Modern technology, I’m geeking out. <3