Growing up, every builder’s radio, every painter’s car stereo, was playing a Jim Steinman production. I sometimes wonder if I heard more Meat Loaf on other people’s music systems, but I still seem to know all the words, so that is the power of the song and the booming other worldly production of Mr. Jim Steinman.

Steinman is surely most known for the aforementioned Meat Loaf and the similarly boombastic Bonnie Tyler and Air Supply, but there are many surprises in his history too, both fully realised and just planned.

He delved into the alternative world with Sisters Of Mercy’s still excellent This Corrosion and swung completely in the other (one) direction, writing the lyrics for Boyzone’s No Matter What and co-producing the Take That classic Never Forget. Add Barry Manilow, Celine Dion and even the mighty Ian Hunter to that list and you have quite a CV.

The glorious plans? He was going to work with Def Leppard on what became Hysteria, one of the best produced albums ever, but imagine how much bigger Steinman could have made it? Could it BE any bigger? Only Steinman knew the answer. Equally as mind-blowing, Steinman began work on an adaptation of the classic film The Phantom Of The Paradise. HOLY SHIT.

Godspeed, sir, may your God do anything for love.