So, a year to the day since Vince’s hatchet fell on a number of WWE superstars, here in 2021 it has happened again. Now my first question is what sort of company would let go of Samoa Joe, one of the greatest big men of all time? Even having him on commentary gave the RAW team some much needed star power and I was always looking forward to him lacing up his boots again and showing why he was one of NXT’s best. Tucker? It’s a shame as with Heavy Machinery, WWE had a genuine tag team, rather than their recent habit of just chucking two solo stars together and selling them as a unit. Even worse, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce were another genuine tag team, huge fan favourites and they were split for what? So Billie could do some, admittedly entertaining, solo work it seemed until just last week, when she was put with Carmella to create a new team who given their performance at the big show, could soon be challenging for the belts in a division that desperately needs star power and connected athletes. And to allow Bayzler to go back to non-comedy singles fame and fortune.

Sure, I’m a realist, every company at one time or another has to let some people go, that is the nature of the beast, but my other problem, aside from the performers themselves is the timing. We have just enjoyed a full week of Wrestlemania, after all the Thunderdome and no-fans Covid curse, we finally saw the crowds back and you could certainly tell the difference, especially in the two day stadium show of Mania itself. Two nights of NXT too and the Hall Of Fame, last week was one of the best times to be a wrestling fan in living memory. And then Vince soured it. When you’ve got Snickers and Progressive and Peacock throwing money at you, you can’t tell me that this was a necessary evil. With the same few names appearing in multiple segments of the two weekly shows, these unwanted souls could have been injected into the mix, even if it was just for a few squash matches, surely that is better than throwing them on the scrapheap mere days after your most successful show of the year. Hell, maybe that is why I’m here writing this and Vince is drinking champagne in the Billionaire’s Club, but it just doesn’t sit right with me.

Oh well, more Rey Mysterio and Baron Corbin. Yay?!