Welcome to Wrestlemania! Again! Yes, I hate 2 day events but at the same time I excitedly tuned in again, as there were a number of matches that I wanted to see here.

Opening with The Fiend vs Orton seems a little crazy, but I guess they opened with the championship match on Saturday, so let’s roll with it, I was excited to see the super burnt Fiend kicking ass and then…wait, what? Yes, The Fiend is back to his old self, the old mask, the stripes, I found this a little disappointing, but at least he was sure to win against Randy so I…wait, what? Again? No filmatic tomfoolery, aside from that annoying red light, and Randy wins by a RKO, and…I guess the Fiend is over. It was cool seeing Alexa ‘bleed’ in black, but I hoped this would be the spur to the victory for Wyatt, but it appears not.

Oh look, the woman’s match that kills the card, again! I presumed that Tamina and Natalya would win and Nia and Shayna would split as Shayna deserved so much more than this story but nope, the champions retain. Shrug. Popcorn match.

Owens and Zayn are two of the best wrestlers in the world, constantly stuck in idiotic storylines, so this was a glorious chance to show their talents and hell yeah, they showed it. Also, you had no idea who was going to win, it was glorious move after glorious move. Stunning. Logan Paul did not interfere, although he took a nasty looking stunner, this was surely the best use of celebrities in Wrestlemania history after Bad Bunny’s iconic match last night. Excellent.

Matt Riddle, yes I am using his full name, is one of the best on the roster, but unfortunately he is lost to endless comedy and riding around on a scooter. fuck that. Sheamus takes him out and I cannot cheer this, unless it means Riddle will be in the title picture. Probably just backstage hilarity with The New Day. Nope.

Apollo vs Big E? Nah, except for Dabba-Kato, sorry “Who is this guy?” coming in for the impressive squash.

Match of the evening? Rhea Ripley, serenaded by the iconic Ash Costello, against Asuka. This was a hard hitting affair and at every turn, you felt anyone could win. When Rhea’s hand was raised, you could hear the crowd roar, yes, a crowd back at Wrestlemania was incredible but even in the Thunderdome this would have been incredible.

The headline match worked because at any moment it felt like anyone could win. I didn’t want Edge to be the champion, I find Bryan leaves me cold and I have kind of had enough of the Reigns age, so the finish here was probably for the best, with Reigns pinning both men and looking strong. I have no idea where this story goes from here which is cool and I am excited to see the RAW and Smackdown after Mania which are always the best of the year. I’m expecting Adam Cole on Raw and Ciampa to step up to Reigns on Smackdown, don’t let me down Vince.

Both nights of Wrestlemania were great, but I cannot help but think that you could have taken these two 8/10 shows, edited them down and presented one 7 match show that was a ten out of ten, cannot miss, water cooler moment. Us wrestling fans are never satisfied, I know!