I hate calling it Wrestlemania Saturday, but that seems to be the official name. In my world, Wrestlemania is a one night event where all the biggest and best stories come together. I wrote a piece about this earlier in the week, try searching ‘Kendall’s Problem With…”

But here we are, the fans are back in the stadium which is a very emotional thing, both as a fan and apparently as a superstar as there were many tears on the stage as Vincent Kennedy McMahon welcomed us to WRESTLEMANIAAAAAAA! I popped. Reminded me of seeing WWE with my beloved dad when Vince was Mr McMahon, but I loved him and when he came out to his classic ‘No chance!’ theme, I stood up and cheered whilst the rest of the arena sat and booed. My dad refused to join me!

Starting the show with the championship match was a brave move but Lashley and McIntyre gave it their all and it was great to see two heavyweights throwing each other around. WWE had programmed us to believe that this was a redemption story where Drew wins back his title so it was a genuine shock to see Lashley make him pass out and keep the title. Great story telling early.

The women’s tag turmoil thing was pointless, a beer break if ever there was one, weren’t Lana and Naomi supposed to have won a championship shot? Or did we already see that? See this story is so confused, I cannot even follow it! This is a pre-show match if I ever saw one.

Rollins VS Cesaro is a wrestling match for the ages. Amongst all the pomp and circumstance, here is a real battle between two ultra talented competitors and it lives up to the hype, shame it is essentially for nothing, as a championship match this would have torn the house down.

Braun Vs Shane is exactly what you expect. Some big shots, some crushing blows and then Shane being thrown off of the cage. How this guy keeps doing this I do not know and I really want him to win at Wrestlemania soon, but I guess they are pushing the heel character and the dumb ‘You’re Stupid!’ angle, so we can’t have him with his arm raised.

I hate The New Day. I think Xavier could be a great solo if let loose, but the whole jokey thing is bullshit. I thought they were going to allow Big E to become a destroyer but no, here he is, joking around again. Yawn. But it is okay, my boy AJ Styles is here with that dude from RAW Underground and they put on one hell of a performance, with Omos getting the pin with just one foot like he is King Kong or some shit. I popped. AJ should be World Champion but this will do for the time being.

Bad Bunny? At Wrestlemania? I expected a car crash but instead got an entertaining tag match, and Bunny obviously did his homework and showed his love with some cool moves and some cool selling. And he no doubt brought many new eyes to the product which can only be a good thing.

Bianca and Sasha headlining! It was the clash I hoped for, you really believed that either woman could pick up the victory, so much so that when Bianca won, Michael Cole thought that Sasha had kicked out. You can forgive his excitement, it was a fiery match full of great moves and electric spots. Bianca Belair being on top gives us lots of new stories just as Rhea Ripley winning tomorrow will save the RAW scene, see me tempting fate?

Wrestlemania Saturday was a great card, some great stories and a beginning and ending that were Wrestlemania classics. And Hulk Hogan! Getting cheered! 🙂