Sorry, did I say reimagine? I should have said III Imagined. Yeah, great gag, Paul. At least your comedy isn’t dead!

All jokes aside, I loved the recent Paul McCartney III album. An artist with complete free rein to do whatever they want can result in utter drivel or 50 minute songs about moon plants, but Paul seemed to put on his ‘Simple but effective pop’ hat and it was just brilliant.

Now we are getting a rejigged version, the aforementioned III Imagined, featuring Blood Orange, Damon Albarn, Idris Elba and Beck, who is the artist I was most excited about as he has taken on my fave song on the record ‘Find My Way’ and it is great – the magic is that he has kept the original spirit and just added that Beck mischief vibe over the top, you know the one, Devil’s Haircut, Where It’s At, the best kind of Beck.

Check it out!