Of course, we are all waiting for the day we can return to the cinema, without a mask and with a number of friends, you know, like the old days. Mine’s a strawberry ice cream tub and a diet cola, if you are asking!

Disney is looking to the future, but also realising that the world might not be ready to open up quite yet, so some of their future movies now have new plans. The headliner is Cruella, which now hits cinemas and also Disney+ Premier Access in America on May 28th. Premier Access is a pay per view system where subscribers of Disney+ can pay extra for big screen new releases, it was used for the successful release of Mulan. Black Widow is also going down this route on July 9th.

There are still exclusive cinema hits ready to go, with Shang Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings continuing the Marvel voyage, in cinemas on September 3rd. And The King’s Man is a pre-Xmas treat on December 22nd.

My most anticipated is Pixar’s next Luca which is now skipping cinemas entirely and going straight to actual (not Premier) Disney+ on June 18th. After the masterpiece that was Soul, I cannot wait.