When I include Tom Six amongst my favourite directors, people sometimes think they do not know who he is…until I mention a little trilogy called The Human Centipede and then they either agree and we nerd out about the brilliant three films, or they get very angry and suggest Six is totally sick or he shouldn’t have made it or…”Well, of course, I’ve never seen it!”

You’d think that outrage and disgust died along with Mary Whitehouse and stopped being a problem for censors when James Ferman finally hung up his eraser, but no. THC had a lot of trouble, especially the second one which required major cuts and was actually banned here in the UK, to protect us? From art? Sounds like we are talking about the 1920’s but nope, look on Tom Six’s Twitter and you will see how much these people HATE him. I don’t understand why they can’t just ignore the films and the man himself, but they seem to have to get involved and tell us why we are all disgusting and filthy for liking his IMAGINATION.

Now, Tom Six is having trouble again, with his latest release The Onania Club. The tale of a group of women who take pleasure in the suffering of others has rubbed distributors up the wrong way and is currently in limbo with no-one willing to take a chance and release it. Even the company that gave us THC has passed now that new heads are in charge. It’s 2021, the kids are watching death on their phones while riding the fucking bus, so don’t tell me that someone’s art can harm the world. Release it. Talk about it. Share the hashtag. Your favourite artist might be next.