The Album Club is one of my favourite podcasts, the trick is that I find every episode at least interesting even when I don’t know the albums. But when they are covering a Kendall favourite like this episode, then it is pure Kendallrock joy. Two and a half hours on one of the 90’s best power pop-Byrds-Big Star-Beach Boys- Monkees albums? Yes, please and the bonus is that there is also an interview with the iconic Evan Dando giving more insight into the record – for example, I was Today years old when I learned that Sneaky Pete who played with Gram Parsons sat in with the Lemonheads and told many stories about Gram. What could be more Kendallrock than that?

The other best thing about this brilliant show (aside from the fact that I like all 3 personalties, which is incredibly rare, especially with a music discussion!) is that it sends me back to records I might not have revisited in a while. I’m all over The Lemonheads right now, so expect a Kendall Kompiles to arrive, oh, very soon. šŸ™‚