Today (Well, we in the UK got it a few hours early!) marks the first release by a solo Jonas since they got the band back together. This time though, it is not a trouble-and-strife in the band situation, it’s not a V situation, both Joe and Kevin and the official band account has congratulated Nick, so keep those ‘rumours’ to yourselves, Tweet Trolls.

Yes, it is the announcement of the third solo album (nods to Nick Jonas And The Administration, who, trivia fans were previously known as the New Power Generation and backed a certain purple megastar…) from Nick Jonas, entitled Spaceman, due for release on March 12th. Plus the first single, out as I say, today/yesterday. Also titled Spaceman it is a tale of loneliness and isolation, of a man seeing himself and all those around him but feeling completely alone. Yes, there is a definite Major Tom element to it and we all know Nick respects Bowie, so it is no doubt intentional.

As well as the single and the album, Nick will also be hosting Saturday Night Live this Saturday AND is also the musical guest. Phew, what a week!

Here’s Spaceman :