In terms of autobiographies that I have wished for, Paul McCartney’s would be pretty near the top of the list. Except, like some celebrities he has not been making notes and keeping those special stories as he has travelled through some of the most magical of musical times. Yet, here we are with a collection of his lyrics, each of which he will look into, comment on and take us back to when he first put pen to paper, so what we are getting is what I always want – an autobiography that only covers the big years of production. I recently read the Madness autobiography, and found myself skipping many of the early bits, all the at school and early japing sections are not what I am looking for and so this could be exactly what I want. The Lyrics is a two volume set and comes is at a hefty 960 pages and an equally hefty 75 pounds price tag. But we’ve spent more on lesser Beatles things before, right?