Kendall Kompiles…My ‘The Best Of Suede’ Album :

So…We’ve done The Beatles and Mansun, so let’s keep it in the top tier. You could just stick the early EPs together and call it a day but where is the fun in that, eh?

The rules – Any officially released songs are eligible : originals, covers, remixes, instrumentals, whatever I want.

There has to be only 14 songs, 7 on each side, cause we are imagining this as a real record. Or cassette.

These are my choices, don’t get angry cause I left out your favourite, make your own, it’s fun!

It has to flow, so no 14 ballads collections, which will become trickier when we do Motley Crue / Glam Metal (spoiler!)

If there are any bands you want to fast track in the series, buy me a coffee and I’ll do those first. 😉

OK? Let’s Play!



So Young

Elephant Man

Elaine Paige – Demo


Metal Mickey

Asda Town




The Drowners

Killing Of A Flash Boy


Beautiful Ones

My Insatiable One

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