So, here we are, the trailer for the long awaited Zack Snyder cut of Justice League, the movie that promises to put the spicy meatball into the pasta of the DC universe. Now, I did not dislike the first version of Justice League, you can read my initial verdict here :

Now, I stand by this opinion as I have not returned to Justice League since for a second watch. If someone starts talking about it then we discuss The Batman and The Flash and all is cool but now with the Snyder version it looks like we are going to get more meat on the bones. The villains look more dangerous, the heroes seem to be in more peril and the fvcking Joker is here too, goddamn did I pop for that!

Snyder showed with Watchmen that he can work well with slow burn superhero structures, more akin to the original comics, where things have time to breathe, which then makes you more invested. This seems to be what is happening with the Superman arc here, as well as the team looking more like a fighting force, rather than a collection of individual action figures.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League will hit HBO Max on March 18th and I cannot wait to spend four hours in its super company.

Here’s the trailer for you :