Face/Off is one of my favourite action movies ever made, the classic direction of John Woo mixed with a manically perfect Nicholas Cage and an on-form late period John Travolta was just the right mix of exciting and absurd.

Now the film is coming back to multiplexes (‘member them?) in a remake being handled by Adam Wingard. You might not know the game, but you certainly know his electrifying work – whether it be the stone cold classic You’re Next or his work on VHS and The ABC’s Of Death. He also made the criminally underappreciated The Guest (GO WATCH) and has already shown he can be trusted with a high value property, having touted his film The Woods for years, before dropping the bomb that actually he had rebooted Blair Witch.

So who would you like to see as the new Castor Troy?

Next year we will be 25 years from the original, so Face/Off is old enough to justify the reboot, even if the above fact made you feel very old. Sorry about that.