(Thanks to The Kinks for the terrible header spelling!)

Sorry, didn’t mean to get all Partridge of you, but I was listening to Rubber Soul and, excuse my blasphemy, it is very patchy. ‘Just listen to the hits album, loser!’, okay, jeez, nope the 1 album is patchy to me too. I guess everyone has their own Beatles favourites. I mean, I cannot stand any of the George Indian songs. Nope. Sure he is one of the best of the best and has also performed magic in the best English band of all time, don’t @ me!

Thus, I came up with the idea of putting together my own Best Of The Beatles. I decided it should include 14 tracks as that seems to be the average of the back catalogue (the only average thing about it!) and also you should know I HATE hits records that put the songs in order of release. I like the freshness of hearing, say, You Love Us next to Let Robeson Sing as it gives everything a new zing and the way things from very different years flow together can create better environments for these songs to breathe in.

And so with the waffle out of way, here is my 14 track The Beatles collection, let’s call it, oooh The Best Of The Beatles. NO SKIPPING. And don’t scream about my choices, I love the band, just pop yours in the comments. No fvcking Yellow Submarine. 🙂


She Loves You

Hello, Goodbye

Back In The USSR

Drive My Car

A Hard Day’s Night


Helter Skelter


You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away

Happiness Is A Warm Gun

Come Together


Being For The Benefit Of Mister Kite

And Your Bird Can Sing