Firstly you might be saying “why do you say Mom when you are from Honiton, a tiny UK town?”, well because from a kid I was obsessed with America but also I called my mom Mombie, after Return To Oz. She loved it, we watched it together many many times, think we were in America the first time we saw it, it all connects.

Secondly, it seems cool that I can write about this stuff now without being dragged under by the depression that has always been there. There were years of just being silent or getting the pain out in the only way I knew which meant years of long sleeves. Or trying to leave.

Thirdly, in 2021, thinking of my mom is great, she was the best of the best, hell she introduced me to Pet Sounds! That’s not me being glib, what I mean is, she knew what I was passionate about and encouraged and grew it. I remember I have never been prouder of my poetry than when I showed mom a print out of my latest and she commented on it. I wish she could have read my book but hope people saw her in there.

Let me just talk straight to her for a moment :

Hey Mom! Hope you and Dad are up there drinking lots and dancing. I’ve released a book and have a popular website now and work a ‘real job’ too but it leaves me enough time to check in on Shu and my four nieces. We have this crazy virus, so have not been able to hug them for a while, but hopefully they know I am here. Caught back up with Ro, your best friend and an absolute star, we’ve been talking about your rock star moments and I have been obsessing over The Kinks which you would approve of, I remember we talked about that a lot when I discovered them. I’m on less meds and I have not cut myself for a few years. I hope that people like me now, I still think less of myself than others but hopefully I come across as an OK guy. Thanks for you and dad giving me all my best bits, I cannot thank you enough. I love you, your lil Type 1 kid, xxx