I know the cinemas, like everything else in the world, are closed currently, but I still like to keep up with what we may be able to see when they reopen and, tbh, it does not hurt if it stars Joe Jonas, does it?

Jonas is the latest addition to big budget Korean war movie Devotion, alongside John Wick’s Thomas Sadowski (also acclaimed for his performance in The Newsroom). The film stars Jonathan Majors, last seen in Da 5 Bloods and Glen Powell, who also features in the forthcoming Top Gun sequel Maverick.

Devotion tells the true story of U.S Navy pilots Tom Hudner and Jesse Brown who are both members of the VF-32 squadron, whose lives are forever intertwined when one is shot down behind enemy lines.

I’m guessing Joe might go to brother Nick Jonas for tips after his brother starred in the similarly epic sized Midway…