Someone who loves creating lists of my fave things as much as I do will always consider The Best Songs Of All Time and this Xmas, I decided to try and put together a playlist of the best Kendallrock ever. So here it is, I hope you find something new to love and maybe you will become a fan of a few things you may have never heard. That’s not me trying to be Pitchfork Cool, I’ve seen Manic Street Preachers 57 times live but Jonas Brothers are currently my fave band in the world. If you want my best ever, it would be 1/Beach Boys, 2/Manics, 3/Beatles, 4/KISS, 5/Jonas Brothers. Solid gold. What do you MEAN I can’t like Band A and Band B? We can meet in the pub when this whole sorry mess is over, but until then…give this a chance! Merry Xmas and a super happy new year. xxx