Occasionally I find a new podcast that I enjoy, but normally I discover quickly that there is a fault. The fault is always personality. Take the Manics podcast Do You Love Us? It’s great to hear them dissect the album, EXCEPT that they feature their mate, you know the guy, the guy who doesn’t even know anything about the thing being discussed. Man, if I was gonna start a Stephen King podcast, I wouldn’t do it with a mate who has never read any horror.

Luckily, The Album Club does not seem to have this problem. Ben, Andrew and Alex discuss some of the greatest albums ever and whilst they are not ALL experts on all of the records, they do know enough and have enough experience with the records that it is fine if one of them disses a song you love. Also, they are entertaining, my earlier whining might make you think I want my podcasts to be po-faced, not so, in fact my favourite episode of The Album Club so far is when they dissect Appetite For Destruction and there is as much discussion of the genius of Izzy Stradlin as there is the trio singing the guitar solos. It’s great.

Naturally there will be episodes you won’t listen to, as one man’s classic is another man’s over rated trash, but the flipside of this is that there are shows based upon some of my favourite albums ever – The Downward Spiral, Ziggy Stardust, The Libertines, Smile which are great to wallow in and also lead me back to days of listening to them repeatedly. Excellent.

I have episodes on Dirt, Fear Of A Black Planet and Master Of Puppets lined up on my phone, so looks like I have plenty to fun still to have with The Album Club. You should too. Find it now on all your favourite podcast services.