With all the wrestling in the modern world, it is a long time since I gave any attention to Impact / TNA, I’m already watching Raw, Smackdown, Dynamite plus PPVs and the occasional NJPW special event, so guess I just slipped out of watching Impact but as 2020 crashes to a close, the new boy in town is…the old boy. Welcome back, Impact. How you doin?

How they are doing is very well since last week’s shocking Winter Is Coming special on AEW. They set up Don Callis being there so brilliantly that you just thought of him as a face calling his friend’s matches, it has been such a beautiful slow build that now you know the end, you can see the set up from Mars. But NONE of us saw it. Moxley being beaten by a microphone to the head was a little feeble, although the savage blade job certainly sold it to the most cynical fan. But it was the beautiful aftermath – Callis and Omega running off like Jim Ross’ scolded dogs that got the world talking. “We’ll explain on Tuesday!” gloated Callis to an audience fully aware that Dynamite is a Wednesday show and then….click…the penny, or the cent dropped. Omega was taking the belt to a completely different show. a completely different federation. Stop. The. Press.

And so this week, Tuesday Night Impact was a big deal. It smashed the Twitch ratings with 55,000 people clicking through to see what was to happen with Kenny. Also, important in 2020, it was trending at #1 on Twitter. The presentation took some getting used to after the bells and whistles of the Thunderdome or the wrestlers crowd of AEW but this just put the focus on the in-ring action, which there was plenty of, not the endless promos that Vince seems to start both shows with three days. Sure seeing mid carders like Rich Swann (the goddamn champion, wha?) wasn’t gonna set the world on fire, but the female talent in TNA is exceptional, with Deonna Purrazzo and Rosemary being the highlights of the entire show.

Props also to Sami Callihan too, he has always been a Kendall favourite in the few Impact events I have seen him and his promo here (you can praise the promos when they are not every five minutes) was incredible, meaning I will be watching whatever he is hyping up. Job done.

And then there was the Callis/Omega scene. They played it beautifully, it was in a bus in the car park, not actually in an Impact ring. you had no idea whether this was a live scene, or if Omega has filmed ten shorts to show on the next ten shows. So many questions, which is exactly what you need if you want to keep people’s attentions. Brilliantly there was also a ‘Paid For By AEW’ advert on the show with Tony Khan promoting the Wednesday show. The cross platform work at play here was untouchable. Who is playing who? Who is invading who? What does this mean for this weekend’s Impact PPV or indeed tomorrow’s AEW Dynamite?

It’s been played so beautifully that I guess I am watching another two hours of wrestling a week now. *throws away diary*