The pandemic has done little to help the world of cinema, if you can’t go and visit your family then obviously you cannot go and watch the latest blockbuster. This dilemma has been seen recently with Disney offering Mulan for a PPV price at home and Pixar’s much anticipated Soul hitting Disney+ on Christmas Day for free.

Now Warner Bros is playing the same cards, with the announcement that all of their 2021 releases will hit HBO Max and American cinemas at the same time. These films will be included in HBO Max’s $14.99 monthly subscription and will include such hard hitters as Matrix 4, Dune, The Suicide Squad and Godzilla Vs Kong. The movies will be on the television service for one month, presumably to allow for a decent return on the DVD/Blu sales.

Whilst a film like Tom And Jerry or Space Jam 2 might find its niche in the home environment, it seems a shame not to see Dune or Kong on the big screen and these films also have massive budgets, that surely will not be made back with this idea.

There has been no comment on whether Warner Bros will try the same idea here in the UK, where HBO Max has yet to have a release.