And they say that wrestling cannot surprise us anymore? No one seems to have told Tony Khan that, as last night’s AEW Dynamite was hit after hit that had fans popping like the sweetest corn.

Firstly, Jon Moxley has been beaten for the first time in AEW. By my favourite wrestler in the world, Kenny Omega. But rather than going over as a traditional babyface, Omega joined with Impact’s Don Callis, racing away from the arena rather than celebrating his win and Callis telling fans “We’ll see you on Tuesday…”, suggesting that Omega will be showing up on Impact, Amazing.

Aaaand, what could beat that? Well, as Allin and Rhodes took a beatdown, the lights went out and one of the greatest of all time appeared. Yes, The Icon Sting is now AEW. He strolled through the snow, pointed his bat, stared the audience down and boom! Shook up the world of wrestling once again. Amazing.

THEN it was announced that Sting has signed a ‘multi-year contract’ and will be interviewed by Tony next week.