Infamous horror A Serbian Film is to receive an uncut deluxe edition on January 19th from Unearthed Films.

The film is straight from the 4K master and so the nightmare has never looked so clear! As well as the cleaned up picture, the disc comes with many features, including two full length commentaries and being one of the most talked about nasties ever, there is plenty to talk about here. The full extras are :

Commentary with Srdjan Spasojevic & Stephen Biro
Commentary with Joe Lynch & Adam Green of The Movie Crypt
Q&A With Srdjan Spasojevic & Jelena Gavrilović
Q&A from Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival
A Serbian Film Exhibition
A Serbian Documentary Preview
Behind the Scenes of NP
Photo Gallery

You will see that there is a preview for A Serbian Documentary which Unearthed is also teasing for 2021. The documentary will look at the reactions to the film, both inside and outside of the genre film. Directed by Stephen Biro and Jason Koch, the film was created after sifting through sixty hours of unused and unseen footage. BRING IT.

Here’s my original review of A Serbian Film :