Who knew when we were huddled around the tape deck listening to Live After Death that over three decades later, the band would still be going strong and their live album discography would be well into double figures?

This triple vinyl set (one red, one green, one white) takes us back to 2019, when you could still meet up with strangers and jump around to 2 Minutes To Midnight. Sigh. Mexico has long been an Iron Maiden stronghold and the audience here is on fire throughout and they are presented with a storming set, celebrating not a single album but the entire career of the British rock giants.

The set is split into three parts, War, Religion and Hell. War features classics such as Aces High and Where Eagles Dare as well as a storming version of The Clansman. Religion offers an incredible version of The Wicker Man and an explosive Sign Of The Cross, the band are all guns blazing and Bruce is playing the audience like a cheap fiddle and loving every rocking second. It’s great.

For me, Hell is the best of the three (though the other two are not slouches) as it hits some Kendall sweet spots from the whole catalogue. Iron Maiden, Hallowed Be Thy Name, The Evil That Men Do? Yes, please. Nice to get a great version of Fear Of The Dark here too, which bleeds into The Number Of The Beast. Wow. And the whole package ends with Run To The Hills, which manages to still feel fresh even when you have heard it a million times. Ace.

The 180 gram vinyl is beautiful, the colours really stand out and it sounds fantastic. The package also includes looks at how the sets were put together for each section and how the songs were chosen. It’s a collector’s dream, but of course none of this would matter without the songs. It’s an excellent setlist that shakes up the hits with some rarer delights, the band seem to be having fun and are on top of their game. Do you really need another Iron Maiden live album? Probably not, but in 2020, you deserve any treat you can enjoy and Maiden have got you covered with this great selection.