Happy Diabetes Month! Oh, nobody told you? Yeah, we might not get the same press as other conditions but we are out here doing our best every day. I’ve been Type 1 for 27 years, I’m on top of it most of the time but it does influence everything you do. You have to think about where you are going, what you are doing, it essentially destroys the spontaneity that you probably take for granted. And occasionally it blows up and you totally lose control of it. There have been a couple of times at work where I have hypoed and what happens is, my brain leaves my body, like I cannot talk or move and it is worse when someone asks me something, I literally cannot respond. This is fine when I have warned people or people that know me as they know to sit me down and give me some sugar, but it never gets any less embarrassing or tiring, after a hypo your whole body just feels empty.

But hey, you can help! and get yourself a groovy new silicon wallet whilst you are at it. Casely have joined together with Nick Jonas’ Diabetes charity, Beyond Type One, to produce this Gimme Some Sugar wallet with 100% of net profits going to the cause. I thank you, Nick Jonas thanks you, the millions and millions of diabetics thank you.